Northumberland Trip

Every year I like to make a self-indulgent photography trip to Northumberland and once again I made it with my father in law who is a fellow photographer. Northumberland is a great place to get the creative juices flowing – especially if you haven’t been out for a while. Although I took my digital and pinhole cameras, I instinctively knew that this trip was going to be weighted in favour of my pinhole cameras. Having recently acquired the ‘Reality So Subtle 6×6’ pinhole I was keen to use it, but I knew the subject would have to be right given it’s ultra-wide perspective so I had to resist the urge to shot with it just for the sake of using a new toy. With a total of 3 pinholes to choose from on this trip (Zero 2000 with colour, RSS 6×12 with colour and the RSS 6×6 B&W) I was pretty much covered and the weight of my backpack was incredible, but luckily I wasn’t going on hikes with it all.

The previous year we went the weather was rather benign and uninteresting, but this time we got a good mix of lighting conditions and managed to avoid the rain & wind, I however didn’t manage to avoid the waves down on the boulders at Embleton

Below is a selection of images I made on my 3 pinhole cameras, I have to say I was amazed by the developed roll from the RSS 6×6 given it was my first attempt using it.



Whilst I was there I had a little play with some video, it is very lo-fi so you’ll have to excuse the poor audio, but it’s something I’m working on and fingers crossed I may start to do a few vlogs regularly.

Thanks as always for reading and now watching 😉

 Currently working on details for another workshop, so keep checking back here

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