Anyone for Colour ?

I said in my last blog I don’t really want to set myself any resolutions as I would rather just roll with it and enjoy my photography.

Although I’ve been out with my DSLR once since the NY, I haven’t had any opportunity to get out with my pinhole cameras and I miss using them. With 4 exposures left on my Zero 2000 (yeah yeah I know I’m pretty slow at finishing a roll of film) it got me thinking about what to do when that roll comes to an end. I follow quite a few pinhole photographers on Twitter and Flickr and I’ve noticed that they have started to shoot in colour more. I have shot colour before, but I hated the results plus the one and only roll I did shoot suffered from a horrendous red colour cast which rendered all but two images unusable in colour.

I would quite like to get out of my B&W comfort zone and try something new. Shooting colour will require a different mind set I’m sure and one I would be willing to embrace and I hope it will help me to overcome the previous disappointment. Already I have ideas of what to shoot, but now it’s a matter of when. I have a trip to Northumberland planned in February so perhaps I could start my colour adventure then. Who knows, we’ll wait and see.

I’d be interested to hear from people who have recently shot with colour in their pinhole and what it is about colour they like?

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Anyone for Colour ?

  1. Hullo Ian,
    What’s nice about colour in pinhole is that I find pinhole photography is a great method for capturing the mood or impression of a scene. Without sharpness we can still tell what we’re looking at, but without colour we miss the warmth or chill, the variations in foliage, the colours of clothes. Slide film and pinhole is a magical combination.


  2. I started out using color (ektar) and the zero 69, my photos didn’t turn out that great, but now that I understand it more, it was because I was shooting balnd scenes in the middle of the day etc. I love the way ektar reders colors, especially blues. I find myself steering away from using black and white with my 2000, but I did use some hp5+ once and enjoyed the results. It may be worth a revisit for me.


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