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On Monday 2nd January, I woke early only to notice a hard frost had developed overnight so I decided to drag my carcass out of bed, grab my camera gear and get out with my dog, Jedson and head up to Roseberry Topping (North Yorkshire, England). The walk was precarious in parts as the paths were icy but once I got onto the woodland trail it was lovely and crisp. Walking through a woodland at 7am during winter is peaceful yet pretty eerie and when Jedson gets the scent of a deer the peace is shattered by what I can only describe as something from Hound of the Baskervilles. He did this on a couple of occasions but always returned, I’m just glad I set off early otherwise I would’ve missed the sunrise from on top. At the top of Roseberry Topping it was like an ice rink, moving around gingerly I looked for new compositions but spent more time drinking in the views and watching the land below come to life. With Jedson starting to tire out he settled next to me as I worked away, a few people came up a little after sunrise but quickly left as it was freezing cold. Satisfied, we made our way back home for a well earned breakfast.

That little trip out put a lot in perspective regarding my photography. Jedson turns 10 y/o this year and he has shown signs of arthritis in his hip. The walk clearly took its toll on him as he was knackered for the remainder of the day and when he did stand he was stiff legged. But he refuses to slow down, always running and jumping acting like a puppy at times but I love that about him. What I’m trying to say (poorly) is sometimes it’s worth the pain and hardships and forgetting one’s self to be blessed with a beautiful moment and sometimes photography comes second. In this case I simply enjoyed sitting on top with my best friend, yes I clicked away merrily but I didn’t feel I had to justify my time out with the camera by putting myself under pressure to take a meaningful photograph if I got one then great, if not I’ll move on.

With a line firmly struck through 2016 and people making New Year Resolutions I thought I’d keep it simple and take a leaf out of Jedson’s book and just roll with it and enjoy the journey. I do have things I would love to achieve but I’m not putting any time constraints on them. I want my photography to evolve, breathe and be organic, not be forced and stressed over and ultimately be disappointed, so if life does get in the way of those little photographic objectives then I won’t get hung up but accept them as part of the story.

This is the year I’m going to start enjoying my photography again!!


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