f/D Book Entry (2016)

Back in August there was a deadline date for pinhole photograph submissions to “f/D” the outcome leading to the possibility of having an image published in the upcoming book. You could submit 3 images but these would be judged and if worthy enough only one would be chosen. “f/D” is an online publication run by Kier & Libby Selinsky whom provide inspiration, articles and interviews from photographers around the world and is purely pinhole photography. The creativity is astounding and is worth checking out.

I’m extremely pleased to announce that one of my images was deemed worthy enough for publication in what looks to be a fantastic book. I’m not going to show you which image made the cut, if you want to know you’ll have to buy the book 😉


The Book

On the subject of buying the book, I have to do my bit of marketing so please bear with me. Below is a link to the ‘Kickstarter’ video to give you a flavour of the book or click here to go direct to the ‘Kickstarter’ page for further details and maybe make a pledge (as little as $25 +P&P).


The book will contain:

  • 99 pinhole photos from around the world: 60 B&W, 39 colour
  • Introductory text and descriptions of the techniques used to produce the photos throughout the book
  • A directory of the photographers included in the book, so that you can find more work by your favourites

The book will be printed to these exacting standards:

  • Offset printing – the standard for the highest quality books
  • 100# paper – paper nerds know that’s good stuff
  • Soft cover – made from heavy cover stock
  • 8 inches X 8 inches – not too big, not too small!
  • Over 140 pages total – lots of photos! Technique intros!

Who This Book is For

The ƒ/D Book of Pinhole was compiled for all fans of photography.

For the curious, it serves as a great introduction into pinhole as well as providing a visual roadmap for your creative exploration.

For the experienced pinhole photographer, the book provides inspiration and ideas to continue your journey.

For lensed photographers, this visual journey shows new ways to approach photographic image making and what can be done with a long exposure.

For photography collectors, the book will include a directory of included photographers and info on where to find more of their work.

I hope you’ll consider buying this book, even if you aren’t a pinhole photographer the images are very inspirational and offer a refreshing perspective in the world photography.

Want to learn pinhole photography?

Don’t forget to check out my workshop page for information about learning pinhole photography. The next event is in February 2017.



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