Saltburn by the sea

Towards the end of October I met up with Andrew Atkinson to catch up and photograph the sunrise from Saltburn beach and shock horror I only planned on using my dslr.

Arriving on the beach the sky was looking quite foreboding. I never had a composition in mind, but I noticed the outfall from the river was flowing nicely down the beach towards the sea and thought it would make for an interesting foreground.


Although no magical light appeared I was quite content with this image and it’d been a while since I’d been out with the dslr. With the sky starting to clear out we started making our way back to our cars when I caught sight of a composition that I thought would look great on the pinhole, especially with a few clouds about. A few minutes later I bagged what is now my favourite image from the day.


I’ve only recently developed this image, I’m not the quickest to finish a roll and I like it when I’ve forgotten about an image essentially becoming disconnected from it over time. For me the image delivers what I saw and what made me stop and this place never ceases to inspire me.

Thanks for taking the time to look, please feel free to share and/or comment.

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