‘Pinhole Walkshop’ in Feb 2017

Myself and Andrew Atkinson have been working on some ideas to bring pinhole photography workshops based around the North Yorkshire coastline to fruition. We’re kick-starting this joint venture by organising a group ‘walkshop’ which is basically a guided walk with a touch of tuition where required. We will be catering for all levels of experience so even if you don’t have a pinhole camera we would be more than happy to loan you one for free. All participants will receive a waterproof notepad, a free roll of film and we will even develop/scan that for you. That’s a good offer, right? Before you answer that there’s one more thing. We can offer participants a 10% discount on the list price of any ‘Reality So Subtle’ pinhole camera, that’s an offer you can’t find anywhere else.

That means for £162* you get the following:

  • Reality So Subtle 6×6 (120 film) pinhole camera worth €99 (incl P&P)
  • Roll of 120 B&W film
  • Film development & scanning (1 roll only)
  • Waterproof notepad
  • Hints & tips guide
  • Viewfinder aid
  • 4hrs guided walk with tuition takes place Saturday 18th February 2017 (times & itinerary will be given to participants)

There are other pinhole formats available (i.e. 6×12, 6×17 & 4×5).

Amazing offer isn’t it?!

With Christmas just around the corner this would make an amazing gift and experience. Spaces are limited so to avoid disappoint register your interest today.

[If you wish to purchase any of the RSS pinholes please make sure you place your order before Friday 6th January 2017 so it arrives in time for the ‘walkshop’.]

Further details can be found on my workshop page.

If you have any questions or just want to make an enquiry please visit my contact me page.


[* due to the pinhole camera being imported the combined price may vary slightly depending on the exchange rate £ vs €] 



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