Northumberland Trip (Feb 2016)

Back in February my wonderful wife, Helen, booked a photographic weekend away to Northumberland for myself and her father as a reward for working hard installing a new kitchen. The weather in Northumberland was pretty benign for our duration, hazy diffused light with very little wind so weather fronts weren’t moving in/out regularly. Normally I’d be cursing my luck, but I didn’t as I was just happy to be out and about with my cameras, and if anything it made me work a little harder to create something meaningful. Although the majority of my work was digital, I did manage to make some pinhole images, but what I didn’t realise until I developed them was just how many I would really like, in fact it’s probably the most success I’ve had from a single roll of 120 film and I much prefer them to the digital images I captured. Here’s the results from the entire roll of 12.

View of Dunstanburgh Castle from Embleton Beach
Lindisfarne Causeway
Boatshed along the shoreline with a fine view of the castle
Love the contrast of the thick rope against the boatshed
Slipway from the boat yard
Nice to have captured this without anyone walking by or cars turning.



Sat in the dunes is this cottage, love the shadow from the tree.

What made these images a success (to me anyway) was how the pinhole come into its own offering that renowned dreamlike otherworldly feel to the images, enhancing or perhaps even creating mood and atmosphere that just didn’t exist at the moment of capture. It reinforces what I’ve always thought about pinhole cameras and the fact you can use them in just about any weather or light, and having no expectations for the final results helps.

Thanks for taking the time to look, hope you enjoyed them.

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